Monday, 18 August 2014

Mechanicum Krios Battle tank complete

A further addition to the Battle Bunny' joint Mechanicum force; the Krios battle tank. 

I decided to go with a standard black scheme for this piece. The main chassis is black with a Boltgun metal chipping at the extents (my Boltgun metal is still a runny paint which can not be said for the other 4 Leadbelchers I have had since the new range! Sorry just had to get that out), this was done with a sponge and tweezers. 
The main tracks were done with Boltgun metal washed with Leadbelcher and drybrushed with Ironbreaker. I will be adding some more grime and dirt later I reckon. 
The brass work was done with dark golds and various brass or bronzes, washed and layered / chipped up. 

The Mechanicum force grows: soon a Thanatar will be unleashed by Khall, followed by Myrmidon Secutors by Targel & Destructors by Mega Nob. 

Stay tuned to see this detachment in an army list soon!

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Drake Seta


  1. Did someone say 'Space Jockey'???

    Looks epic!

  2. That looks awsome dude, how do you plan on distinguishing between light and dark mechanicum?

    1. That be a bit of a problem. I have decided to have a neutral Black colour scheme for this tank so it can used on either side. The Battle Automata are a different story though. We have started some as Brass and are planning to do the others that patchy red effect that Little Bunny found for the Dark Mechanicum. Kinda fond of that, and it shouldn't look too Dark Mechanicum for if we want to use them as loyalists too.

  3. Tell you what: I reckon those pipes behind the drivers head on the outer casing are the slots that the Volkite Sentinels can get mounted on. I like the thought of more mechadendrite looking pieces on Mechanicum tanks, think they are missing them in my opinion.

  4. Loving the look of your tank. How easy was it to paint? Love the fact that the use of Bolton Metal is still in use!!

    1. Miss the old range :(

      It was a nice and easy scheme. Might have to grab the Krios Venator too.