Saturday, 2 August 2014

My story so far...

Hey guys I thought I'd make a post that let's you into my story through the hobby. This is more or less aimed at new starters like myself but I'm sure that everyone can relate to my experiences as well.

As you guys may know I have only been into Warhammer for around a year and a half now after being introduced to it from another bunny and I was a bit cautious at first as I had previously been into the Lord of the Rings game back when I was younger but fell out quite quickly. After a night I was looking at the models and also shown one of the Black Library books as well and I was instantly hooked and knew this was going to be the future for me!

When I was painting my first model I was so excited to be able to start something new and I just wanted to do more. As you know we have been planning to do all legions and for the first set of legions I plunged into doing the World Eaters as I had listened to Butchers Nails and fell in love with Angron's character. I'm sure you all had your favourite at the start but the ruthless aggression and madness that he showed made me find him an interesting Primarch and so that is how I came to be in control of the Eaters of Worlds.

The paint scheme I use is the official scheme from Forge World. Sometimes it can be difficult due to the sponge effect they use but overall I've loved the way my models have come out. I've done over 50 models now and I still get the itch to pick up my paintbrush and make more, always adding to the army I've created.

My favourite model I have painted has to be Angron. It was the best model I have painted and I still feel in awe when I look at this model and even though to some its just a piece of plastic and paint, it means so much more to me. It's part of a legacy we are all building and is the most important model I have done so far. I know everyone will have a favourite model they have painted in for one reason or another but this will be my favourite for a very long time.

I'm still trying to keep to the fluff but we always want to have the most dominant legion and I bet you guys share the difficulty of choosing between having the strongest force versus owning the perfect legion that relates to what you read and hear about. I am very much looking forward to starting a new legion as I would love to have the diversity of painting as it does get to a point where you look at what you have to do and feel slightly downhearted (not sure if that's just me) but in the end I always give it my all to make my units look the best they can be.

I love painting and making new models but the part I enjoy most is battling with these armies as it is the premise of all the stories: creating and fighting war. At first it was difficult to understand the rules, and actually even now I still need a nudge every now and then as there is so much to remember. Now there are some rules and processes I'm not so sure of, such as the scatter rules when deep striking and using heavy weapons as I believe it doesn't use enough realism that allows for huge mistakes. You can see one of Drake's posts that illustrates this perfectly........ But I'm still always wanting to throw my guys over the frontline and get some dice in my hand. I am always eager to start our campaigns to really show off my army's abilities and use it as an example to show that I can match up to experienced players as, in my opinion, anyone can pick up the art of battle, it's just getting used to strategy but that comes over time. Especially with 30k that we have the ability for Primarch battles. If that happens all hell breaks loose and there's a surge of excitement that brews inside me when I'm riding into such battle.

I am always interested into seeing the new models that get released each week, even so much that I have Forge World as a home page on my phone and computer so I can always check for updates and releases! I don't know about you all but I like the way that Forge World is, in that they always show great models and produce excellent sculpts on a continuous basis. I also love the events that they present. I've been to 2 weekenders and 3 open days and I have loved every single moment of them, and am always to see more. The thrill of rushing in to see new models, meeting the creators and looking to see what is ahead for the hobby.

As a starter I am most looking forward to seeing the rest of the legions being released and seeing the rest of the Primarchs and the Emperor. I can't wait to start my new armies and add to my collection and be able to show off my prowess both to you the viewers and also to my friends and family. I am very excited to take on our campaigns, both of the Great Crusade and of the Heresy. I love following the stories of the Heresy and to take it on is an amazing challenge that I am fully looking forward to be a part of.

I hope you all enjoyed my story and I would like to think you all relate to what I felt at the start, maybe you all still feel what I feel now in regards to the excitement for the future! And for all you budding starters, you are in the right hobby for life, you will not be disappointed.

Stay tuned for more from us.

Darko Thane


  1. I remember when I just just starting out, it's a really fun if slightly daunting time. It's good to have a good bunch of guys with you to make it easyer

  2. I remember when i first started my friend asked if i wanted to go with him to a gw store and here we are now.

  3. On the sponge you apply the upper layers of highlights with a sponge?

    I started the hobby when all my friends talked about how they could never afford the mini's when they were now we can, so all got together, picked armies, and been a blast ever since.

    1. Using a sponge I rip off a small chunk and apply with the help of tweezers. Just dip the sponge piece in paint and dab on lightly, or even heavily depending on the effect you're working for

    2. Very nice! Thanks for the reply!

  4. I remember the first time I saw a RTB01 plastic Space Marine box; the first Citadel ever made. I grabbed it straight off the shelf cos of my love for Space Crusade and have been hooked on Astartes ever since.