Monday, 1 September 2014

Horus Heresy friendly Legion battle.

Mega Nob and I had a friendly battle tonight instead of painting. Death Guard vs. Iron Hands. 

Here are a few pictures. 

The board. 

The Deployment. 

Puffing smoke. 

The Iron Hand Contemptors are treacle. Even with all my Glancing Autocannons!

Destroyer squad advances. 

Phosphex from an overhand 12" lob from Mortarion (thanks FW). 

Could it be. . . Mortarion against Ferrus?!

Challenge accepted. Let's see how hard Ferrus can hit!

The Death Guard get mauled at the other flank. 

The Deathshroud make a good account of themselves. 

Mortarion is the victor thanks to some shocking dice rolls. 

Game called after 4 turns due to lateness. 


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Drake Seta


  1. What a really fun game, one if the best I've played in a long time. It was a great shame about Ferrus failing so epically though.

    1. Yeah. Was a great game. Need a bigger one when we start the Campaign.

  2. Looks really great. I can't wait to battle in that board

    1. Hope to take it to that event we will run next year :)

  3. Looks really special. You should both be very proud of your painting achievements. I'm glad Mortarion won, of all the Primarch's released so far, I feel his rules are slightly off. I feel he should be hitting at str 8. In the BL novel 'Scars' he is described as being every bit a strong as Perturabo. Just saying.