Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Legion on Parade: Finn Peemüller's Alpha Legion

Ladies, Gentlemen and Bunnies, for your enjoyment I present to you Finn's Alpha Legion. 

The XX Legion prepares for war

2 Legion Predators. 

A Contemptor crushes a Son of Dorn

Legion Outriders act as Vanguard

A Volkite Tactical Support squad on the high ground

A Legion Tactical Squad

The Heavy hitters. The Alpha Legion would ensure they get the best tech. 

Finn painted it to a pre-Forge World's vision of the Alpha Legion's scheme. He took a month to do 2000 pts. 

A very nice Legion. Thanks Finn. 

If you have a Legion to put on Parade follow the links on the left of the page. See you next Wednesday. 

Drake Seta


  1. Looks epic dude, I really like the bases

  2. That is a very oldschool AlphabLegion scheme. I love it! Well done Finn. Can you tell me the story of the bases? :) what battle are you telling?

  3. Lovely highlights and scheme on these guys. Makes me envious...30k armies look so amazing!

  4. Hey guys ,
    Thank you very much for your comments I really appreciate that .
    The bases itself are from microartstudio and they are awesome.
    And I don't really wanna tell I story , which is written down somewhere, it's more like that a good friend of mine ,who gets me into heresy collect them and he is also my main sparring partner :D
    I hope I can send you after some time a lot more pictures and miniatures from the XX

    Greetz Finn