Monday, 29 September 2014

Thanatar - completed

Hey bunnies

Not had much of a chance to do painting or modelling recently. However, I did find time to smash out a Thanatar lol

Here are some pics of the newest addition to our Mechanicum force.

I am pretty proud of how the main plasma weapon turned out :)

I hope you like it please leave comments below :)



  1. Throne its huge. How long did it take to build? We're their many parts?

    How did you achieve the Plasma effect? What paints did you use?

    You should be proud mate.

    1. Plasma effect was really easy but I can't remember the names of the paints I used :s

      It's just a matter of careful and planned drybrushing. It is something I would do a guide for if the desire was there lol