Thursday, 30 October 2014

Continuing the Solar Auxilia

Tonight we have been cracking on with the Solar Auxilia troops. We have also been preparing the next part to our Auxilia project though that will be revealed in due course. Here is what we are currently up to, looking very good we must say:

As you can see we have started work on the boots. We wanted to go for the classic brown boot colour and we went for for Gorthor Brown. We are very happy with the contrast to the rest of the armour so far. Here is a better view:

We are thoroughly enjoying this army so far and look forward to do battle and most importantly have Conquest to read more about this army in depth.

Hope you enjoyed this update, we will be continuing more soon!!

Darko Thane


  1. Red fatigues on 40 men takes time!!

  2. I suddenly feel bad for guard players...oh wait I play orks. :)

  3. Looking great guys! I know the Malcador is going to make it into the army list for the Solar Auxilia, but do you guys think the Macharius will as well?

    1. We have been told the macharius wont be in the list :(