Saturday, 11 October 2014


The Battle Bunnies once again are front row at the FW Seminar to bring you the fans of Heresy and Forge World great minis. Hope you enjoy. If you want to share pics please just link to us. 

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First off;

Konrad Curze!

A small talk about IA 13

Rules for damned relics such as the Chaos Fellblade and Kharybdis. 

The exciting bit.

Yay! We have been waiting a while for this now, and apparently FW told a little porky about it not being complete at the European Openday. It is finished and is being made in China now.

A stunning front cover of Conquest. Shown for the first time.

Contents. Fragments of the Imperial fists could be some lost in the storm after Phall or lone garrisons. The book will primarily focus on Sons of Horus and Death Guard and their campaigns after Isstvan.

An updated Horus Heresy Timeline. FW have overtaken BL in places which is good.

The Solar Auxilia are heavily involved in this book.

Malcadors are guaranteed to be part of the Solar Auxilia. 

One Knight house of four included. 

Will have a sleeve and map and be limited to 2,000 copies.

Oh yes.

Alpha Legion Contemptor

Word Bearers Contemptor

Imperial Fist Contemptor

Templar Brethren UPGRADE KIT.


We picked up 40!

In next month or so.

Storm Section!!! A months time too.

"Not much can't be improved with the addition of a Death Ray" - Tony Cottrell.

Chainfist as it should look. Only thing FW did recently which I can't stand is that Contemptor Chainfist.

I have been asking them to do this for a long time. So I am very happy.

We have a name for book 5. Thought it would have been called Atrocity, but maybe it is referring to the battles in the Ultima Segmentums under the ruin storm.

A Diabolist? "door to door salesman - have you heard about the book of Lorgar?"

The True messengers 

Legio Prasagius. 

Flyers could be more interceptor based. They had mentioned in the past that they wanted to do a smaller Stormbird (as there are apparently lots of Variants and classes of Stormbird).
A new Dreadnought not as big as the Contemptor. 
Solar Auxilia Ogryns; enough said. There was a roar of approval. 
More Characters inc Primarchs. 

Sevatar - or who I believe to be. Now it looks like it is. No one has confirmed though.

Konrad Curze - apparently he looks like a Knightmare from all angles. He is finished and will be out soon. 

That is it. Once again the Battle Bunnies were in the front row for the Seminar and got the info out to you guys who sadly couldn't make it. 

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Drake Seta


  1. Wow. That is so much AWESOME! Thanks for getting this up for us all so fast!

  2. NIGHT LORDS!!! i love the look of konrad and sevatar, i want to get them both so bad,
    thank you guys for showing us this.

  3. Everything there is just too incredible, can't wait.

  4. Certainly looks like the future for 30K is going to go from strengthen to strength!! I wonder how much will be usuable in 40K for Chaos Space Marines. Really excited at the Stormhammer finally being made, was always 1 of my favourite units in Epic.

  5. so book 5 is called tempest and is calth?

  6. Oooh, fantastic. I wanted an allied detachment of ultramarines for my Ravens!

  7. Omg I am now going to be broke. But my night lords army will be huge.

    1. Yup. They are my favourite Traitor Legion too. Going to pause the Death Guard for a while and get some Night Lords started.

  8. Omg I am now going to be broke. But my night lords army will be huge.

  9. Nothing new for Raven Guards :(

    1. I thought they were going to be part of Book 4 to with the whole shattered legions thing but it seems not, which is a shame.

  10. Kinda unhappy with Curze's lighting claws, always figured they would be those full hand patterns used by mkII and mkIII, the ones w/ finger blades

    1. Yeah I know what you mean. Would be good to see how they fit in with the whole model.

  11. Interested to see what comes from today, those ultra's look pretty sweet though. I'm anticipating the masterclass release with bated breath!

  12. Oh and for your information everyone: Perturabo isn't next Primarch, neither is Guilliman.

    It is either Corax or possibly Dorn.

  13. Thanks for the pictures of the Ultramarines - I've been holding off painting for a while until I saw what Forge World we're going to do with them and boy they didn't disappoint!

  14. a question for the Bunnies. Is it known if Solar Auxilia are supposed to be the Imperial Army? or are they more like a specific Sect like Scions? I know FW has shown a piece of art with a multitude of colors, assuming they are Imperial Army, has anyone seen stuff about Byzant Janizars?

    1. They are a faction of the Imperial Army and apparently an elite one at that. We will be seeing Imperial Army in many forms in the next 5 years. Prospero Spire Guard have been mentioned but they may be an upgrade pack to the standard Imperial Army that may come out.

  15. "Only thing FW did recently which I can't stand is that Contemptor Chainfist."

    You're not the only one with that perception. Given how nice-looking the chainfists the FW has made before, such as for their Ironclad Dreadnought arms or the ones for their "Tyberos, the Red Wake" model, I'm at a loss as to why they went with the "chainsaw finger" approach for the Contemptors.

    Thanks for covering FW's presentation at this event. It seems that for Curze's Lightning Claws, they went with the same two-bladed design most famously seen on the Predator in the movie of the same name. I would say that's fitting given how Kurze likes to fight primarily using terror tactics, striking from and fading back into the shadows.