Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Icon of da Godz

After a lot of wrangling and one very awkward train journey I have finally managed to get my Morkanought to the Battle Bunnys table.

My favorite part of this model is the eye, I painted lightning all over it and used ard coat over the top to make it gleam.

I used the green bit from a scouring sponge to stipple the rust effect over the edge of every panel starting with Tin Bitz then Leadbelcher and finally an Agrax wash.

I loved doing the base on this, I used the warhammer 40k baseing kit and Aurelian Earth to give the effect I wanted.

Keep your eyes peeled for more orky shannaguns, comeing soon...


  1. That my friend looks amazing *starts clapping* well done.

  2. Very well done! Yay for ork walkers! Finally! The world needs more ork walkers.

  3. Cheers guys, it was a lovely model to work on