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Great Crusade, Primarch Discovery and early Horus Heresy Timeline.

Hi All this has been superseded now. But keeping up for records. Please search for Timeline updated post Tempest on our search bar.

Attention Timeline Junkies. 

I have spent a few days piecing together a Timeline starting in the Great Crusade, going through to early Heresy. 

It follows the OFFICIAL Primarch discovery order from Black Library which is tied to known Primarch discovery years. Estimated (est) ones are where I have "fit" them based on their order and an equal spacing between 2 known Primarch discoveries years. 

Shows some interesting bits. 

M30 800 - Emperor launches Great Crusade
M30 802 - Horus is discovered a couple of years into the Great Crusade and is mentored for 3 decades before the next Primarch is discovered.
M30 832 - Leman Russ is discovered 30 years after Horus. 
Between M30 833 and 844 Missing Primarch A is discovered (est 835), then Ferrus Manus (est 840). 
M30 844 - Fulgrim is discovered. 160 years before Horus Heresy (age of his flagship). 
Between M30 844 and M30 854 - Vulkan (est 846), Rogal Dorn (est 848), Roboute Guilliman (est 849), Magnus the Red (est 850), Sanguinius (est 852), Lion El'Jonson (est 853) are discovered. 
M30 854 - Perturabo discovered. 
Between M30 854 and 884 - Mortarion (est 864) and Lorgar (est 874) are discovered. 
M30 884 - Jaghati Khan discovered. 120 years before Horus Heresy. 
Between 884 and 934 - Konrad Curze (est 904) discovered. 
M30 934 - Angron in charge of World Eaters for 70 years at time of Betrayer so M30 934. Although he may have been discovered before this but not trusted.
M30 962- Monarchia falls and Lorgar goes on Pilgrimage. 
M30 964 - Gal Vorbak return from the Eye of Terra and rejoin the great crusade circa 965 as were a year out (40 years before Isstvan). At time of istvaan 3 there was only 47 red WBs inc Argel Tal. 
M30 965 - Vlka Fenryka undertake either a Sanction / expunged conflict. 
Circa M30 966-967 - Lorgar returns (he was told by Ingathel that over the next 5 decades he would need to recruit another thousand Legionnaires a year, and if one falls to replace with 2 - this means he wasn't in there for a long period of time so he could enact his plan. 
M30 969 - Vlka Fenryka undertake either a Sanction / expunged conflict. 
M30 970 - Approx date of Corax discovery.
M30 972 - The Farinatus Extermination - Night Lords and Raven Guard. 
Between M30 972 and 981 - Approx date of Primarch B's (est 976) discovery. 
M30 981 - Alpharius takes command of the XXth Legion. 
M30 984 - Destruction of Nostramo by the Night Lords. 
M30 994 - Isstvan System brought to compliance. 
M31 000 - Triumph at Ullanor. Emperor's Children, White Scars, Imperial Fists, Blood Angels, World Eaters, Luna Wolves, Ultramarines, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Word Bearers, Alpha Legion. Forces - info required. Which Primarchs were fielded during the Campaign?
M31 000 - Chondax Campaign. White Scars. 
M31 001 - Council of Nikea. 
M31 002 - Kayvas Belt Expedition. Alpha Legion and Blood Angels. 
M31 003 - Contact lost with Isstvan system. 
M31 003 - Luna Wolves renamed Sons of Horus. 
M31 004 - Horus is injured on Davin. 
M31 004 - the Destruction of Olympia. Iron Warriors. 
M31 004 - The Vlka Fenryka Attack Prospero. Vlka Fenryka, Thousand Sons.
M31 005 - Blood Angels go missing enroute to Signus. 
M31 005 - The Dark Angels are dispatched to the Eastern Fringe. 
M31 005 - Isstvan III. Sons of Horus, Death Guard, World Eaters and Emperor's Children. 
M31 005 - The Ultramarines begin to Muster on Calth. 
M31 005 - The Martian Civil War begins. 
M31 006 - All data redacted. Have no idea what this can be. 
M31 006 - The Dropsite Massacre. Sons of Horus, Death Guard, World Eaters and Emperor's Children, Raven Guard, Iron Hands, Salamanders, Iron Warriors, Word Bearers, Alpha Legion and Night Lords
Now there are a few of inconsistencies, be it Primarchs mentioning that other Primarchs were around when they were discovered and feel free to mention below. If I have anything drastically wrong in your opinion let me know, but site which book, chapter, page even that it is mentioned. Try to keep the "If I recall"'s to a minimum. 

Such as:
In the novel Deliverance Lost, in Corax's reflection on his first meeting with with the Emperor, the Emperor mentions that there are seventeen other Primarchs. When Corax asks how this can be possible, as he is the nineteenth, the Emperor's face becomes "bleak, filled with deep sorrow", and he says that it is "... a conversation for another day." This indicates that the II and XI Legions were already lost, and possibly expunged, by the time that Corax was reunited with the Emperor. It also suggests that they were lost in the earlier years of the Crusade, as the Emperor mentions that most of the other Primarchs had already been discovered by the time that he came to Lycaeus.
This does say he is the eighteenth recorded technically (there are 17 others). That would lead to the II Legion and XX Legion after.

I would be happier if the missing Primarchs were written off earlier in Great Crusade too.


  1. Thanks for this... very interesting to have it all in one place.

  2. Bloody hell this is amazing :D cheers

  3. Great work. I can't see any obvious mistakes.

    Doesn't tie in with Outcast Dead, but thats clearly wrong... I assume Magnus message to Terra, resulting in the Emperors confinement to the Golden throne, happened shortly after Davin.

    1. Cheers Chris. Yes. It would be shortly after Davin.

    2. The discrepancy was written off in Wolf Hunt right?

    3. Supposedly, but im not a fan of needing to find obscure audio novels to correct glaring discrepancies in the main series.

  4. This is a fantastic undertaking. Some of the information in it looks similar to a timeline I made a year ago and sent to you last week ;) lol! Would be nice if we could put some citations in there from the novels.

    Brilliant tool I am happy to consider canon.

    1. Yes I did take a lot of your bitsand I think novel passages would be great too. . . . Don't call me a tool though. . . . Even if a brilliant one.

  5. I have a theory for Missing Primarch A (Lets call him Geoff).
    Was discovered by emps and was a Pariah.
    Perhaps when Lorgar and the Word Bearers were forced to bow before The Spiritual Liege by the emps psychic might Geoff stepped in and used his null powers to stop the humiliating act and reveal the Emperors true form (a simple man) and declares the Great Crusade a Xenophobic Shitfest (having already had doubts of the nobility of the crusade) and that the regions he has conquered to be independent.
    This messing with Big Daddy E's god complex, he flips his shit and sends The Space Lapdogs after them
    Geoff loses and is wiped from the records.

    1. Pretty good. I thought one of them would have been a Pariah. Would have liked to have seen Mortarion as one.

    2. Cool theory bro, but there is the whole plague seeping into his very soul AND the Daemon Prince thing.

  6. Updated Timeline