Sunday, 8 February 2015

Horus Heresy Weekender day 2. What Primarch will we see today?

Hi all Heresy fans. 

My proclamation that we should see Dorn today is now completely up in the air after yesterday. Was totally taken aback when Tony said that the Primarch model will be shown on Sunday. 

Why not the Saturday? Is he more suitable to be previewed in a Seminar on the Sunday?

Today has Stone and Iron seminar based around Iron Warriors and Imperial Fists and is going on right now. Dorn and Perturabo. 

Tempest is on from 12:30 to 13:30, and is about book 5 which should be released in May. Guilliman. 

So in my opinion, unless Tony Cottrell has decided to show the mini off in the closing Ceremony, it will be one of these three Dorn, Perturabo or Guilliman. 

If it does go to 15:30 then Corax is a possibility. 

As of now I fully believe it is just between Guilliman or Dorn. Perturabo could be sone in the future with 3d tech by Edgar, and Egan said he is looking forward to Corax a while ago as it is one of his favourites. 
The Primarch he has been working on appears in lots of art but it is not one of his favourite Primarchs. 

= Dorn or Guilliman. 

Not long now. So stay tuned we will have the pic up as he is revealed. 

Drake Seta


  1. Is it possible it could be a full reveal of Dorn as well as a partial/teaser reveal of Guilliman?

  2. my money goes to Dorn revealing a model today

  3. I'm guessing Dorn too. I wonder if the question yesterday about his unwieldy chainsword was a hint?

    1. Yeah. Just seems odd that it could be at the end of the Tempest Seminar now.