Saturday, 14 March 2015

Saturday Knight: House Raven

Hi all. It's been a while since Knights were first introduced onto our gaming tables (and my 8 are still boxed - though for hopefully not much longer). Choosing the Knight house that is best for you to is like choosing a pair of new shoes. 

So here I aim to give you the following information; what suits they favoured, colour scheme, Segmentum, Homeworld, Loyalty, Lord and most importantly the Legions they may have quested with. 

Today we have a break from Conquest to look at House Raven

House Raven
Homeworld: Kolossi - mined to death, towering slag heaps and smog-wreathed Manufactorums. House Raven's Fortress is "The Keep Inviolate" a km tall and rivals the Fang on Fenris.  
Active range: Heart of the Galaxy to the stellar wilderness of the Outer Rim. 
Segmentum: Ultima 
Lord: Iron Duke - Lord Gregor Raven (at time of the Great Crusade).
Discovered by: Discovered by the Mechanicum. They were shocked to find hundreds of out of commission suits standing tall in the Keep inviolate. They chanted prayers to the Omnissiah and one suit turned its head to regard them. Fealty was sworn to the Mechanicum and the nearby Forge World Metalica as they were raised into the light of the Imperium to their lost majesty. 
Allegiance: Imperium and Mechanicum. 
They were supported by the Forge Worlds of: Metalica (who helped restore their glory in exchange for arms). They are a common site with Legio Metalica (which is very similar in scheme to Legio Ignatum, but with the occasional plate in black and white chevrons as well as yellow and black - Khall and I will be making use of the additional Shin plates in the Warhound kit to represent both if magnetised).
During the Horus Heresy they fought for the Imperium over countless battlefields. 

Materiél strength. 
During the Great Crusade Raven had around 300+ Knights brought back into service. Questoris variants were the main chassis.   
Recommended Loadout;
Great Crusade and Horus Heresy ratio: 3:2 Questoris Chassis to Cerastus / Warden chassis. Errant, Paladin, Styrix and Magera should be main picks. 

We are getting a Paladin, Errant and Styrix, then waiting to hopefully see the Heavy Castellan or Crusader variants. 

Paint scheme:
The Paint scheme for House Raven can be found in White Dwarf Issue 5. Or you can download it digitally from iTunes :)

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Drake Seta


  1. Sorry but a KM tall doesnt evebn come close to rivaling the fang. The Fang reaches into outerspace they dock starships at the top of it.

    1. Yup. What it says in Imperial Knight Companion though.

    2. I think you're meant to read it as two separate statements, it is a 1km tall fortress and it is a fortress that rivals the Fang. Just because it rivals it doesn't mean its to say it is because of its height. The Fang is home to the Space Wolves chapter and while that's formidable the the Keep Inviolate houses 300+ Knights... In regard to both, I don't think there are that many ground based fortresses that have so much military force in one place.

  2. Cheers for these articles! I'm sitting on 6 knights and am so torn as to what House I want!! First world problems eh lol

  3. Castellan and Crusade are the heavy gun knights correct? I'd love to see some in the future. Great article guys!