Thursday, 23 July 2015

Kaelo; Pre-Heresy Ultramarine Paint Scheme

Hi all!!

Finally I have made progress with my Ultramarine colour scheme. Here is a look at my first model and the scheme I will be following going forward. First of all I want to say that I have gone for a quick and easy scheme that is dark yet vibrant (in certain light lol). I will not be winning any painting awards with my skills but I am fairly happy with this standard for my troops. I have taken photies indoors and outside for comparison.

1. Spray the model black - I use GW Chaos Black...never had a problem with it. <Insert a picture of any under coated miniature you have ever seen lol>

2. I sprayed the model Macragge Blue from the limited edition can. Stock up while you....CAN lol (no pun intended). I spray the models stood on their heads first (blu-tac), I just find it easier. Once dry I flip them on to their feet and give another coat.

Make sure that you practice on a spare model first...these cans are bloody temperamental. I have had various different colours and consistencies over this project. Best bet is to do EVERYTHING in one fell swoop and make sure you squeeze the trigger right down or it goes all dusty.

3. I then glazed the entire model with FWs World Eater Mix (probably the worst compilation album ever devised) - 1 pot of Drakenhof Nightshade, 1 pot of Nuln Oil and 1 pot of Lahmian all mixed together. This creates a nice shadowed effect.

Sometimes this stage can dry slightly cloudy in recesses. Not sure why, i just endeavoured to not leave large pools drying anywhere.

4. I went round and blacked all the ribbings and areas that will be metal with my own black mixture - I hate how shiny Abaddon Black can dry so I fill up the pot with Army Painter Matt Black and a drizzle of Lahmian! I also did the first coat for gold - again my own mix (50:50 Vallejo Old Gold and Warplock Bronze), I love how dark and regal it looks. I also did the eyes at this point with Khorne red. Throughout this stage I build up any white on the model - I use the Vallejo Air primer because its thin and has plenty of pigments for a lovely covering (warning - it does dry slightly glossy so you could always do the final coat with your preferred white finish)

5. I did a nice wash of Agrax Earthshade over the gold to shadow it (I actually allow myself to get some of the Agrax in the gap between rim and shoulderpad surface as it helps ease the eyes transition between the 2 colours. I then drybrushed the Bolter casing with Skavenblight Dinge and the metal bits LeadBeltcher, washed with Secret Weapon games Black wash...its great! I also drybrushed any black pipings with Skavenblight and I used the white again on the officers plume. I also did the metal bits on the backpack.

6. Gentle highlight of the gold areas using my gold mix and glue the bolter on!

So, nice and simple! Just needs battle damage and weathering which I will do to the whole army when transfers are on!

So what do you think? Happy for any constructive feedback. If you have any questions hit me below!