Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sons of Nostramo #5

Good morning Bunnies.

This week has been a bit like hobby pick and mix for me, working on various projects. You may have seen my titan blog earlier this week but I've also been working on my Legion forces. The Night Lords have come on a little this week with the addition of a bit of paint on the panels of the castellax.

I decided that for the castellax I would use a traditional colour scheme for the Forgeworld of Graia that being said Games Workshop have published a guide for this colour scheme in some of the painting guides for the Skitarri and for the Mechanicum traditionally the colour scheme is a barbaric reference to Graia's past and it's war like nature therefore the colour scheme tends to be black and bone. I thought this colour scheme would be ideal to complement my Night Lords as the dark nature of the armour of the legion would work very well with the dark armour on the castellax also.

The metal of the head unit and the muzzle of the bolt cannon were done using Runelord Brass and then washed in Agrax Earthshade. I will dry brush this again with Runelord Brass and perhaps a silver.

The black, has been relatively easy to do so far simply layering up Abaddon black over the basemetal colour and leaving areas as raw metal for slight hints of weathering.

Next up is the bone colour on the lower torso and legs (I'm still unsure as to whether to go bone on the lower pad attached to the arm as it would fit the colour scheme but other castellax I've seen have this section as bare metal). I'll start with a base of Rakarth flesh, wash with Agrellan Earth, another Rakarth, then build up the highlights with a mix of Rakarth and Pallid Wytch Flesh, and a bit of white at the very end.

Once these are completed it'll be a case of gloss coating and adding the transfers - I've stockpiled a lot of Mechanicum transfers in order to deck these guys out with symbols.

Then it'll be onto basing. I'm going to base these differently to the Night Lords, as a way of making the separate but also as a way of allowing them to fit into a future Mechanicum army.

With only a couple of weeks left until the Xmas Battle Bunnies meet up its time for me to ramp up progress.

This week I intend to get an imperial knight finished with transfers ready to lay waste to the followers of the false emperor.

Stay safe.


  1. Robots everywhere!! I need to ramp up mine too! Can't wait to get us all together :) should be ace!

    The Castellax are looking really cool. They are fiddly to assemble though aren't they?

    1. A little yes but I found batch assembling them helped to get all the bits in the right places. They're far easier than Vorax I think.

  2. Looking great King fluff. Just please don't paint the gun red.

  3. The Mechanicum robots are so cool! Love the models! Your paint scheme is coming together nicely as well!

  4. I do need some Mechanicum elements for the Iron Hands, love the look of these. Plenty of progress coming from you King Fluff keep it up! :)

  5. Looking good King! What made you choose those Loadouts?

    1. Well the flamers were any easy choice, but for the rest it was to make an all comers list really, and the power saws because of rule of cool really. I've not used this unit before and I know others run 3 castellax with dark fire cannons with a Praevian but as I haven't got any dark fire cannons (and knowing how good mauler bolt cannons are) I went with this :-)

  6. Nice work! Your paint scheme is actually making me like the robots!