Monday, 22 February 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Solar Auxilia Update

Hey Bunnies!

Taking a wee break from legion as I work on the group Solar Auxilia (SA) project. Currently on my table I have a Flamer squad, Volkite Squad and a command squad. The Solar Auxilia range is exceptional and if you are torn about starting a force then let me help you...go. Right now. I'm serious. My post can wait....

You back? Great! Let's get on with it. Here are some pictures of the up to date Flamer guys:

As you can see there is a massive amount of detail on the miniatures and some really cool cabling to help the guns work. 

I have noticed they are actually slightly bigger than the standard SA troops. Which is a bit weird. 

Next up tonight is a quick look at the Volkite squad. While not a massively powerful unit against legion, Volkite is an exceptionally fun weapon (anything that gets your opponent rolling dice is a win in my book), and will be tremendously lethal against Xenos and in Zone Mortalis actions. 

The gun are the same as the legion counterparts and aside from size and a few small details, these are very similar to the standard laslock SA. 

Finally is a bit of work on the Solar Auxilia command squad. These are some of ten nicest models I have ever worked on. My personal favourite is the surveyor dude (Drake and I are bothe surveyors by trade lol) which has so much detail on it that I didn't know where to start lol. 

I love the cool telescope and typewriter parts. It is so in tune with the old, dark art styles.

The commander is a beautiful model too and once you put a bit of drybrush on the model it really pops and the detail is exquisite. 

The cape has some lovely detail and ornamentation (quite hard to see at this stage! The back houses a different type of mechanism for powering that's the usual SA. I love the steam punk vibe it gives off:

The commander has a beautifully sculpted pistol too:

Next for our SA project we have about 10 tanks to do. Loads of Leman Russ' and a few super heavies. We are looking at adding a craft from the imperial navy too. 

What do you think of the Solar Auxilia range? Do you have your own project you would like to share with us? Hit us up on the usual email addresses or Facebook (where we are lucky enough to talk to many of our readers on a regular basis.

Thanks for reading