Monday, 7 March 2016

Sons of Nostramo #13: The Leviathan Walks

Good evening all.

I'm here to deliver on a promise - I said I wouldn't be posting anymore WIP shots of the leviathan before he was finished, and now he is...

I've thoroughly enjoyed painting and converting the model - this will be the primary engine for my talon and so the others will be less time consuming.

One of the most time consuming aspects  was the scenic base, adding on the detailing and bulking out the texture to allow for a natural stance. I particularly enjoyed painting up the musculature on 'Frank's' face.

I was unsure about how much lightning to add to the finished job but with the wealth of corpses on the carapace I thought that the armour plates could take  a fair bit of detailing - I think the others may be less so in the future.

I went for minimal transfers to add the odd flourish here and there but that wouldn't overpower the end result.

And so here he is in all his corpse laden glory (or should that be gory). I'm sure I'll return to it to snag fix certain bits but I can call him done (for now).

Stay tuned for more 8th legion walkers and other weapon options for the Leviathan.

Ohh and if you were wondering 'Frank' is from the 1st Legion...

Let me know what you think guys in the comments below.

Drop it like it's hot


Edit* now with added mud to blend him into his base...