Friday, 1 April 2016

Armoured Might


So close yet so far. Over the last week ...sort of, I've been working on my tanks. To do this I had to prep the last parts of my Typhon, which I had misplaced, and magnetise those plus tidy a few niff naff bits. That I succeeded in. 

As you can see there are two small magnets one in each centre that match corresponding ones in the Typhon hull. 

My main aim was to try and get all 4 tanks to the same place. With my Sicarian there abouts already. 

Various reasons including a rather selfish trip to Warhammer World prevented me from completing what I set out to do but I'm chuffed with my accomplishment. Mainly as I had found a pot of my secret recipe 'Imperial Fist yellow' and was able, with a little Tamia thinner, to resurrect the remainder and mix an entire new pot as a result. 
I'm a little OCD when it comes to colour matching it's why I'm doing them all in one go lol!

So the following is a blow by blow in Picts of how it went:

Now I'm a bit backwards when it comes to going forwards some may say. I undercoat in white then pre-shade. I prefer to do this than have two layers of paint one undercoat of black and then a thin white. Just suits my painting style. There are some brilliant airbrush tutorials out there one by Orkpainter nerd is what helped me to do this, so go check out his how to paint a tank airbrush tutorial on YouTube and his many others for hints and tips. 

So this is where they've all received a layer of Averland Sunset having been masked off. That is with the exception of the Spartan which had already been sprayed. 

Now it's probably hard to tell from those Picts but that is with a coat of my 'Imp Fist Yellow' which is basically Averland and Flash Gitz mixed roughly 2-1 until I'm happy with the shade. Then I've added in Tamia X-20A thinner which is readily available, to keep it at that milky consistency. I still add a little extra when putting it through my airbrush between 3-1 and 4-1 of paint to thinner and then if I have to do an extra layer so be it. 

I'd rather do that than have problems cleaning my airbrush and spraying on a couple of layers and it clogging up detail. 

So here you have my Vidiactor Laser Destroyer. Which with a layer of Lamenters Yellow a touch of Agrax, a hint  of Seraphim and a dash of Gitz should be ready for the final step of varnish and transfers. 

I hope you enjoyed the delve in my Imperial Fist armoured might. Check back on Sunday and see how far I get in the WPR. 

Until next time. 

- Tylar :)