Saturday, 30 April 2016

Graian Mechanicum - update

Good evening everyone.

As promised on Sunday, I'm back with a unit update for my Graian Mechanicum army. As you know I've been working on adding a diverse range of units as a slow burn, with a 250pt chunk every month. This month I chose to add in another troop choice, a 7 man(?) unit of Thallaxii and a Triaros Armoured Conveyor. 

The kits are great, the Thallaxii are a little fiddly to build and are a little more problematic when identifying areas for the secondary colour. The Triaros was great fun to build, with the details being on seperate parts it really aided the painting process too. The kits are packed with detail and they've been s joy to build and paint - I'm now looking forward to doing another similar unit in the future.

Only a couple of details left to do now such as the Volkite coils and the muzzles on the lightning guns but they're close enough to call done now, so here's some shots of the unit together...

And the total army painted so far - nearly 3000 points worth of cold, calculating machinery.

The plan for this month is to swell the ranks of some of the units I've made a start on, more Domitars, more Thallax, more Thanator and a new HQ choice to capitalise on potential wargear options.

Until next time.