Monday, 25 April 2016

Limited Edition Imperial Space Marine: Death Guard

Hi all

Here we have the second of my Imperial Space Marines. This one has been painted in the livery of the Death Guard Legion. 

From behind you can see the results of the AK interactive streaking kit. 

With his fellow Legionnaires. 

With Garro!

With his IV Legion counterpart. 

WIP shot of the 50:50 Seraphim Sepia and Lahmian Medium over Corax White. 

After I had used many layers of heavily White Scar to bring the white back up. 

After the Waplock to Runelord Brass metallic sections and the Castellan green to Elysian green on the pads. 

I then used the MKIV shoulder pad sized Death Guard transfer on the MKVI shoulder pad with the circular inset. It fits very nicely with a bit of Micro Sol and Micro set. 

I used a sponge and 5x0 paint brush for scratches. This is done with slightly thinned storm vermin fur. 

I then purity sealed and used AK Interactive streaking kits. 

Anyway. Still got two more to do. Both will be converted though. 

Drake Seta