Saturday, 14 May 2016

Forge World Seminar (Updated with Hi-Res photos)

Hi all. 

Sorry for the delay! Battery died.

Here he is! Leman Russ, and he is pretty much finished. There has been some mentioning that Leman Russ might not come with his Wolves, you may need to buy them seperately. 

The base isn't done (might be so they can tie into a diorama with Magnus). 

Fimirach Noble. From the fluff.

A huge model which rivals Smaug.

Now the good bits. 

Fires of Cyraxus

IA 14 or 15 (they mentioned they are dropping the numbers as it just confusing).

Tau are invading a small lesser known Forge World (not knowing most of the size is underground). 

The Mechanicus deploy to defend.

With the Red Scorpions. . . The whole chapter!

The Ordinatus is deployed

The Tau use the planet as a testing zone for their new suits. 

Hi all. This is COLDSHROUD!

New Barracuda (weapon load outs are very interchangable).

When you have to destroy big things!

A new Captain because . . .

. . . Culln is interred.

Ltd edition book in black.

Power Scythes upgrade.

Emperor's children upgrade.

Night Lord Chainglaives

Ultramarine Boarding Shields (more please). 

A beautiful Moritat model!

Some lovely Mechanicum Knight heads.


Gunnar Gunnhilt may not be in this book but may be in next. 
Higher definition images I took are below

Drake Seta