Sunday, 22 May 2016

GAMES WORKSHOP! We want the following!!!

Hi all. 
"If I ruled the GW towers I would. . . ." Is a sentiment each one of us from time to time has stated. So with G' Dubs giving us more of what we want and it looks like it is getting more approachable and reasonable again, I though a good ol' fashion wish list would be good. So here is what the Bunnies want!

Darien Vasco:
- Plastic heresy boxes, all armour variants, assault troops, basic tank range such as rhino, sicaran, LRMk2B. 
- updated orks with buggy model

- Saul Travitz
- Lucius 
- Little Horus and Torgaddon 
- Updated legion army list book and interactive iBook editions of the army books. 
- more zone mortalis tiles 
- Models for units and characters that have rules but not released yet. 
- Ork gargant 
- More legion specific extras such as templates 

Battlefleet Gothic for heresy

Drake Seta
Plastic Lucius Warhound (multi-poseable!!!!!) so that FW could release Mars pattern upgrades. 
Plastic Thunderhawk (with possible alternative configuration for transporter?)
Plastic Tarelians mini-dex  with options as mercs and options as Tau allied (FW to expand). This would be a successful release. 
Plastic Hrud mini-dex
Plastic Eldar Exodites
Plastic Squats
Plastic Storm Eagle
Plastic Demios
Plastic Chaos Knight
Plastic cultists (FW to provide specific upgrades). 

Furibundus Dreadnought (being created now possibly). 
Ulysses class Land Ram (Ravenlord). 
Landspeeder upgrade kit to MKIV. 
Alternative drivers / riders in different marks. 
Legion specific banner bearer and Praetor (like Imperial Fists and Sons of Horus ones). 
Vlka Fenryka despoiler upgrade kits (axes and Chainswords etc with arms seperate from hands holding weapons so MKII - mkvi compatible. 
Rhino Advancer. 
Rhino Castellan
Predator with Volkite
Sicaran with other turret weapons
Deimos Whirlwind
Legion Hydra?

Alternative heads and upgrades for Blood Bowl teams. 
An Isstvan V survivor / escape RPG game similar to Zombiecide and that Kingdom Death game for 1-8 players.

Kaelo Rylanus:
Eldar Exodites
Revamped Eldar (updated poses etc)
Plastic Eldar Titans
Eldar scenery
Revamped Orks
Ork scenery
8th Edition with streamlined rules
Plastic heresy
New flyer rules
New tree kits
2x2 flat realm of battle tiles (some with rivers, lakes etc as options)

Anything that is outstanding
Eldar Zone Mortalis
Cave Zone Mortalis
Eldar Corsair Range
Great Crusade Ork range upgrade
Individual Legion books (containing all the background history expanded from the black books and more images)

Specialist Games:
Same as everyone else

King Fluff:
Plastic mk2 & mk3
Plastic demios pattern
Plastic Spartan
Plastic sicarian variants
Plastic Thunderhawk
Plastic Warhound
Graian Mechanicum transfer sheet

Corvus assault pods for Warlord
Combat head for warlord
Landing pad for warlord
Fire control tower for warlord
Legio Astraman transfers
Support for second & first edition knight households in black books and transfers (Hyperion, Krast, Hawkwood)
Cpt Ophion
Cargo crates - like the ones from the Calth board
Starship interior section for zone mortalis- bridge, secondary bridge, teleporter pads, launch bays, drop pod bays, astropathic choir room
Realm of battle destroyed Titan tile
Magnus the Red
Scarab Occult
Non-sokar pattern Stormbird

Specialist games:
Epic back at 6mm scale
54mm pre-heresy space marines for Inquisitor
Expanded BFG fleet for Demiurg
Pre-heresy ship types for BFG
Gloriana ships for BFG

Lady Atia:
- Plastic Mars pattern Warhound (with Lucius upgrades from FW again).
- Plastic Thunderhawk
- More Daemons
- Full Army releases for each Cult Army (Plague Marines, Noise Marines, ...) especially interesting for the Siege of Terra
- Squats

- More Terminators, including Mk I
- Lucifer pattern Dreadnought
- Mk I/II Land Speeder
- Deimos pattern Whirlwind
- More Daemons, including Kha'banda, The Red Angel and Ingnethel
- Chaos Squats / Traitor Squats
- Dark Mechanicum
- Raven Guard Whispercutter Transporter
- Rules for GW Mechanicus stuff
- I would like to get the Storm Hawk/Talon aswell as the Hunter for the Horus Heresy. Old fluff says the Hunter was developed before the WW Hyperios, who is playable at 30k atm.

Specialist Games:
- Arbites for Necromunda, with enough variety to do a full 30k/40k Arbites force (Adeptus Arbites fought at Terra)

Tylar Fasolt:
I'd just like to see a Plastic Warhound and Thunderhawk TBH 
The Calth containers and a re-invigorated Scenery/Terrain range from FW.