Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Getting stuff done.

Evening all

You may be just as bad as me. Start 20 projects and seem to finish none. Well I have had a very productive week this week so far and I am feeling pretty proud of myself. I did manage to do lots of loose end projects so here is a little glance at some. P

I wanted to get Garro another base before I entered him into the HH weekender Golden Daemon but I was too busy. I started one base with a discarded helmet on the floor so I decided to finish that off. 

I got 3 Vorax painted last week. 

These Solar Auxilia are finished now and I have assembled one of the "Bitches" from the Purokar league campaign we are looking to start. Expect a better look at the SA later in the week. 

I assembled some Ursurax. . . 

I finished the Ursurax!

I assembled my first Cerastus as well as two Questoris Knights!

I started a Mars-Pattern Landing Pad!!

And I moved onto the Solar Auxilia Flamer Section! 

It felt good. I minute sense of victory of getting so much progress done that I just wanted to let you all know about it. Thanks all. 

Drake Seta