Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Kaelo Rylanus: Raven Guard Legion in a Day Preview

Helloooo everybody!

After much threatening, his weekend we are finally attempting our second legion in a day project. As a recap; the aim is for a bunny to buy a legion, assemble and undercoat, decide on a paint scheme and method, get the gang round for a solid paint-a-thon!

This time we are doing the Raven Guard and here is the list we will be working through:

1 HQ (winged Moritat)
10 MKVI Tactical Marines with bolters
10 MKIV Tactical Marines with bolters
5 MKVI Tactical Support marines with Melta guns
10 MKVI Veterans with various equipment
5 Mor Deythan
10 Dark Furies
Contemptor Dreadnought
3 bikes (we may not get round to these)

I have spent the last few weeks assembling and undercoating it all. This is a really easy way to get most of the base colours and scheme done quickly and efficiently and then I will be doing the final details, chipping and weathering unit by unit over the next few weeks/month, followed by Corax, Storm Eagle, Javelin (which I will add a further 2 eventually) and a Fire Raptor to round off 3000pts.

So stay tuned this Saturday where I will put up a few work in progress pics and (hopefully) a finished unit or 2.

Stay fluffy