Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Kaelo Rylanus: Raven Guard Legion in a Day Preview

Helloooo everybody!

After much threatening, his weekend we are finally attempting our second legion in a day project. As a recap; the aim is for a bunny to buy a legion, assemble and undercoat, decide on a paint scheme and method, get the gang round for a solid paint-a-thon!

This time we are doing the Raven Guard and here is the list we will be working through:

1 HQ (winged Moritat)
10 MKVI Tactical Marines with bolters
10 MKIV Tactical Marines with bolters
5 MKVI Tactical Support marines with Melta guns
10 MKVI Veterans with various equipment
5 Mor Deythan
10 Dark Furies
Contemptor Dreadnought
3 bikes (we may not get round to these)

I have spent the last few weeks assembling and undercoating it all. This is a really easy way to get most of the base colours and scheme done quickly and efficiently and then I will be doing the final details, chipping and weathering unit by unit over the next few weeks/month, followed by Corax, Storm Eagle, Javelin (which I will add a further 2 eventually) and a Fire Raptor to round off 3000pts.

So stay tuned this Saturday where I will put up a few work in progress pics and (hopefully) a finished unit or 2.

Stay fluffy



  1. I'm not fat, I'm fluffy. ;)

    Though, when your Legions make levels 5 and 6, we know it'll be a big game.

  2. Sweet!can't wait for all the updates! You can do eeeeet!

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  4. That is quite the furious pace! Good luck!

  5. Oh shiny! Well Matt black anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing paint on.

    Love the jet bikes, are the weapons fixed or magnetised?
    Want these so bad for my AL....

    1. They are fixed bud. Nice models and definitely worth getting. For AL though I would do Outriders because I think they would look ace!

    2. Well ideally see AL using both to attack from different directions. I'll see how flush Iam at Warhammerfest.

  6. Great progress! Going to be a busy day painting for us! Looking forward to it!! :D