Thursday, 19 May 2016

Mechanicum Vorax Battle Automata

Hi all. 

We started these millenia ago (like many other projects) and fortunately I decided recently to get them completed. The main reason behind this is that we need some more units in the upcoming Purokar League Campaign. 

They were painted: 
Brass: Warplock base then layered with Rune Lord Brass. When done a light wash of Lahmian ad Warplock is re-applied to the lowest parts of the plates. A light drybrushing / edge highlight of Mithril Silver is then done. A thin wash of Agrax Earthshade is then done over the plates. 
Metal: Leadbelcher base, zenithal drybrush of Ironbreaker. Washed with Nuln oil and pin washes of Seraphim Sepia. 

Love using 'Ard coat for glossy black visors. 

Glutton for punishment. Those ammo feeds are an absolute bitch. 

Any way. More Mechanicum, Solar Auxilia and Knights are scheduled in now, so stay tuned in and don't forget to like us on Facebook

Drake Seta


  1. They look cool!! Those ammo feeds do look particularly horrible!

  2. Sweet, love the Vorax "Crusader" robot look, mine have glossy black orbs too!

  3. How do these units perform? I have always liked the look and am at the moment gearing up for a big forgewolds order toward the end of summer.
    Easy to build,good units?

    1. IIRC the models are 20 seperate pieces each, the ammo belts can be annoying but a little patience will see them done. I kept mine as two seperate bits (torso and legs) for painting reasons and it made my life easier.

      Game wise I think they are fantastic. Having scout to be able to re-deploy is always handy.
      Being able to fire their two rotor cannons (which can be upgraded to have poison) and lightning gun with decent balistic skill means they're no slouch for shooting.
      Being monstrous creatures (move through cover and smash) and having fleet makes them pretty mean in assault.

      I have a unit of three that I run with my legion praevian, so they miss out on getting to use fleet but usually have prefered enemy to make up for it (yay cortex designator). They've made their points back and then some every game so far.

    2. Thanks for the breakdown Keith. Will take it all onboard.

  4. Love these models. The whole concept of these is so dam grim dark. I don't really want to burn/glue myself sorting the ammo feeds though. The volkite culvrin was bad enough!

  5. Those Vorax look great. Really need to pick up,some (and with all the other lovely new Mechanicum stuff) for my own taghmata. More ammo feeds?? Nooooo - just finished a Thanatar. Are they as bad as the one on the Thanatar to do?
    Great work :)