Saturday, 7 May 2016

Sons of Horus First Company Update 13

Hello all!

Today has been a full day of painting! I started around 3pm and put the finishing touches on my Spartan at around 11:25pm! The good news is that I now have a fully painted Spartan for my Justaerin to ride around in!

This tank will go to war quite regularly for my Sons of Horus! It's large transport capacity ideal for 10 man squads of terminators. Plus the extra 5 spaces mean Abaddon and Horus can tag along as well!

I have found it best to load the Spartan up with all the additional extras, flare sheild and such. You don't want this tank to be shot up before it manages to drop off its deadly payload. It may cost a lot of points but if it dies quickly then it is a colossal waste of points!! The one time I didn't load it up it was blown up turn 1 and Abaddon and 10 Justaerin were shot to pieces, costing me any chance of putting up a good fight. 

My main tactic with the Spartan is to simply drive it straight towards the opponents army and drop its contents into combat! I always try to aim it towards the location where there is the most to kill, so as to not waste the combat ability of what's inside!

Whilst waiting for the variuos washes to dry on the Spartan I started work on the 5th tank for the First Company, the Sicaran Venator. I managed to lay down the first coat of reds. Hopefully I will complete it over the coming week.

Tomorrow is another full day of painting as I will be helping Kaelo with his Raven Gaurd for the legion in a day attempt! Keep your eyes on the blog for updates throughout the day.

Any one else make use of Spartans on a regular basis and have any other thoughts on load out, transport contents or tactics?