Friday, 13 May 2016

The day before Warhammer Fest 2016

Hi all

Just another little reminder to you all about the great event that we will be reporting from tomorrow. 

We have been shown some fantastic models which are coming out this weekend including this beautiful even exclusive Cataphractii Terminator Praetor. 

We have lots of other other awesome items in store for us too. 

The big character of the event is Tylos Rubio. 

So here is what the I am expecting to catch glimpses of at this event (Horus Heresy related):

I am expecting to see an almost finished Leman Russ with his wolf brother and sister Freki and Geri, at a new model or Inferno Seminar. 
I think we will see a painted Knight Acastus Porphyrion, as well as another Acastus model with different weapon loadouts. 
I think we will see a specialist squad or two previewed for the Vlka Fenryka and the Thousand Sons previewed in the Seminars. 
I also think we might see some Work in Progress Vlka Fenryka heads. 
We should see some Thousand Sons and Vlka Fenryka transfers as well as updated World Eaters and Sons of Horus ones. 
I am hoping to hear about Knight house Morbidia (works with Mortis, and will hopefully feature in Inferno on the side of the Wolves). 
We will see some Secutarii in the cabinets, as well as the Explorator. 
I am thinking a generic pair of Knight Errants will be seen, as well as hopefully our first sight of the Custodes and Sisters of Silence. 

Now if none of that interests you / makes you want to come back tomorrow, you are either there or following the wrong blog. . . 

Drake Seta