Sunday, 1 May 2016

Typhon Super-Heavy Tank

Evening again Battle Bunnie followers!
Tylar back again for a look at one of the best Super-Heavies in the 30K rule-set. 
Well it packs one hell of a punch for its points and when you're dropping large templates on people they tend to give you a wide birth!

I've found in my gaming it's a great unit for soaking up fire and holding a particular part of the board. Be it a flank or slap bang in the centre and it's a solid choice. 

Where it all started:

Some time ago I put this beauty together. 

The new track sections are great and make the whole build process so much easier. 

And with the addition of some etched brass the doors came out a treat. 

Paint! ;)

I had at this point already fitted magnets to the centre area of the sponson mounts. 

As you can see here this was back a few weeks ago when I base coated all three of my tanks at the same time. 

Here it is after the masking was removed ready for the next stage. 

And now in its complete glory ;D

And with the additional sponsons:

Now for my own personal look I've kept the paint scheme fairly simple and clean. I know some of the other Bunnies are really good at the grim dark weathered look but it's not for me. 
I'm happy with the shading aspects that have come out as a result of my airbrushing which I have to say I'm still getting used to but it's so much fun and makes painting tanks etc such a pleasure. 

I may add transfers but they'll be minimal as I've used etched brass. I'm still un-decided. 

Anyway I hope you like it guys let me know your thoughts and let me know about your own 'go-to' options for a Super-Heavy Tank in your force lists. 

Until next time - Tylar ;D


  1. Looks great. I think the parade ground finish suits the fists. It's easy to add a bit of weathering later if you change your mind.

    1. Thanks.
      That's how I see them too ;)

    2. Yay! It looks great Tylar, you should be ultra proud.

  2. Looks great, I'm always impressed when someone manages to get yellow to work so well done :)
    My personal "go-to" super heavy for my legion salamanders is my Glaive. It's points cost making minimum game size 2500pts can be an issue, and I try not to use it too often because it utterly decimates everything short of a titan.
    So I often use a baby super heavy instead, Solar Auxilia allied tank commander in a battlecannon/multi-lasers malcador (plus volkite storm section in dracosan to make it legal).

    1. Thanks Keith. I really like the Glauber I've been eyeing one up for a while. As well as a Stormhammer.
      I have a legion Falchion which is sat waiting to be built so that's another Super-Heavy future project.
      Thanks for sharing.

    2. *Glauber lol Glaive clearly ;)

    3. Not sure what a Legion Glauber would look like, but I'd probably want one lol :)
      I am patiently waiting for Forgeworld to release the Legion Mastodon, my Salamanders are definatly going to be getting one of those bad boys.

  3. Love the Typhon, it's a magnificent tank and fits the Fists well, I just started putting the finishing touches on mine myself.

    Excellent shade of yellow too!

  4. That looks great so far Tylar! Keep it up!

  5. No! A tank designed by Perturabo fielded by the Fists, never!
    Seriously though I was tempted by one as the centre piece for my fledgling Fists but I've decided to go for the Achilles Alpha instead as a starting point. CHOOOM!
    Love the scheme and consider it stolen.