Sunday, 8 May 2016

Weekly Progress Report 08/05/2016

Good evening everyone.

King Fluff here with a weekly update on what the Bunnies have been busy bashing out on the workbenches this week.

Drake has been working on his Vlka Fenryka this week. He has assembled 8/100 now. He is adding greenstuff beards, hair and pelts to many too.

Aveinus has spent this week working on his Questoris knight styrix. He has the model built and has started the process spraying on the base coat of chaos black and then Mephiston red on to the Knights armour panelling. See his update post from yesterday for more details

Atia used her spare thursday to paint an Expeditionary Navigator. She also did some more progress on her Word Bearers Tactical Squad - here you can see her Sergeant:

Tylar has been prepping his leviathan for the next stage of paint. Look out for his post later on this week.

Darien completed his Spartan assault tank for his SoH first company and has now started working on his sicaran venator, which he is hoping to get done this week!

Kaelo & Castiel have been back in black this week, elbows deep in the Raven Guard Legion in a Day project. Check out their progress in the updates in the blog over the last few days.

And as for myself, I've been working on Horus Heresy pick n' mix this week, working on units for my Mechanicum, Night Lords and Thousand Sons (with a cheeky Sylvaneth forest giant on the side) Stay tuned for a more meaty update later on.

Stay safe out there.