Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Community Feedback Request

Hi all

Bit of an impromptu post tonight so I thought I would ask you all a few questions on this dreary Tuesday night. We bunnies always want to deliver a great blog experience with solid content and interesting projects. Some of us want to be gamers and some of us are predominantly collectors. The beauty of the hobby is that there is no right or wrong. Sometimes this means that we lose our way, as new projects and releases come out priorities shift, kits are renewed and occasionally members leave or need to reduce their author availability. Sometimes we need to refocus.

What I would like, is for as many of you as possible to write in the comments below:
Your top 3 posts since you have been a reader.
What is your favourite type of articles?
What would you like to see more of from us?
What do you think we can improve on?
What top 3 campaigns would you like us to cover from Great Crusade or Heresy era?
Any other feedback?

I will take this information away and the bunnies will discuss it and see how we can action some of it. Hopefully it will lead to some positive progression for the blog and we can become bigger and better. 

Also, We are on the potential lookout for a few new members to join the writing staff ideally based within 60 miles of Milton Keynes and prepared to come down for an interview. This is just a feeler currently so email me if you are interested. We are particularly interested in Salamander or World Eater players. Drop me an email at Kaelorylanus@gmail.com if you are interested explaining your background in the hobby and a few pictures of your army.

Stay fluffy