Thursday, 16 June 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Unit Focus - Mor Deythan

Hey all!

Originally I was going to post some pictures of one of my latest Raven Guard tactical squads that I have finished, but instead I would really like to discuss something that has been on my mind and giving me some food for thought - Mor Deythans. Primarily their use as a unit and effectiveness on the battlefield. 

Now, I don't get a chance to game very often but I was lucky enough to meet up with the bunnies for a game last weekend and I was excited to get my freshly painted legion into my 2nd game (I know!!) of 7th Edition. Most of the legion performed as expected but I was tremendously underwhelmed by my snipers. I set them up, quite heroically, on the tallest walkway of the battlefield, almost smack centre of my deployment zone. I was thinking 'from here they can pick off some important targets....mwhahaha!' What actually happened left me wondering 'where does this units value actually come from?'

The key problem I think is the sniper rifle. A more underwhelming weapon has never existed in any realm of past, present or future...I may as well have been unleashing kittens. What kind of sniper rifle has 36" range?! I mean come on! Lol. The stopping power isn't much better - across 2 turns (including one round of using the special rule 'fatal blow') I failed to separate a single marine from his brain-pan. Whereas, 5 autocannons managed to shred up my shadowy hunters quite severely (cheers Drake!) at 48". I get it, autocannons are high output and velocity shells. More output, higher strength and better range for cheaper points? Why would you ever take sniper rifles? 

So, on the way home they were on my mind quite a bit of the 1hr 20minute journey. First I went down the the thought trail of 'I hate point systems, they encourage players to optimise their lists for the best builds and power' then I moved on to 'Jervis Johnson says the rules are really just guidelines. They are your toys play how you like,' to 'maybe I used them wrong,'. So really I want to ask you guys - what is good about the sniper rifle and how do you / would you field your Mor Deythan? I think that mine will be having a bit of disassembly and re-armed with combi weapons (maybe 3 plasma and 2 melta guns). They will be only 10pts more for the squad, more attractive for using the infiltrate special rule and have some decent ambushy firepower for a turn. We pride ourselves on playing fluffy on this blog but I am not prepared to pay decent points for a duck of a unit...

So what do you all think? Comment below and let me know! 

Stay fluffy