Monday, 20 June 2016

Making the Very Best of Versatility

After the most recent WIPR on the blog a few people asked after my magnetised Phalanx Wardens. 

Now I guess I hadn't thought that this was anything other than normal. I forget myself sometimes and that I've been doing this a very long time and therefore I've had a lot of practice. 

So how to get the best from versatility. 

This can be transposed to any models really. Especially the new BaC minis if you want to run different weapons on a Vet Squad. 

The key to this is patience. And picking the right parts. 

Apologies for the pics it's quite hard to get decent shots one handed.
So here you can see I've substituted in a plastic right MK IV arm from the BaC minis. This was to provide a better platform for inserting a magnet. And it would marry up to the majority of the weapons options. 

Here you can see I've taken one of the small 2mm x 2mm magnets and I've added it to the one already fitted to the arm. I do this everytime to ensure the polarity is correct then the weapon hand will always fit. 

You'll need:

2mm x 2mm Magnets! I buy mine from Tabletop Tyrant/Gifts for Geeks (same company). They also make their own carry cases too. 

A 0.8/0.9mm drill bit and pin vice to complete the pilot hole. This I also use for paperclip 'pinning'. 
A 1.0/1.2mm drill bit for widening the hole if you wish. 
Then a 2mm drill bit for the required hole size. 

Drill the pilot hole. 
If you want feel free to widen it. 
I personally go straight for the 2mm bit as the plastic is soft. 

Here the 2mm hole is widened ready. At this point I'll offer it up to make sure it's a snug fit. Then apply a tiny amount of super glue. 

Magnet fitted. Leave to dry for 5-10 seconds. 

One Phalanx Warden with a shiny new Combi-plasma :)

I've done this for two of my Wardens as for every 5 I have that option of a special weapon or combi-weapon. I could have also done it for my Vet Sgt in hind sight but as I have several Vet Sgt options this wasn't an issue. 

Again as I said you can do this for any mini really especially using the BaC minis. 
I hope this was helpful to you all out there and if you want to see more or have any questions fire away and let me know. 

Until next time 

-Tylar ;D