Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Sons of Horus First Company Update 16

Hi all!

After a long stretch of painting I decided to have a break and get my last few models assembled for the First Company. I started with a simple kit bash to make a Master of Signal. I have added one to the army so that I can make use of the Black Reaving RoW.

He was made with Reaver legs, torso, shoulder pads and head. I added the back pack and arm from the Master of Signal kit. I was going to give him a power sword but I couldn't find one to fit on the right hand! So I went with a plasma pistol instead cause they look cool! 

I then moved onto the first of 2 Leviathans. Great model and it went together nicely. I really enjoy posing dreads and like trying to capture a sense of movement and power in the pose. 

The 2 Leviathans are aimed at a different role each. This is my anti infantry one, armed with grav flux and a claw. I am really pleased with how he has come out and I'm excited to get him painted up. 

Lastly I started working on my additional Reavers. I will be arming them with some special weapons and added them across, what will be 3 squads of 10. I am undecided if i should model the special weapon marines with the melta gun in 1 hand and put an axe in the other or if I should use the standard marine arms with the gun held in both hands. What do you think?

I have ordered 2 bare heads that I will be using to represent Ekkaddon and Kibre. I will be getting these 2 built as soon as they arrive in the post.

Happy hobbying!