Thursday, 9 June 2016

Sons of Horus First Company Update 17: The Warmaster

Hello all!

This last week I decided to get started on painting Horus. I have been looking forward to painting him for a long time, however I wanted to make him a more practical base for gaming and I just hadn't got around to applying a base coat to him. Now with both of those out of the way I could resist no longer! I am painting him in the same way that I have have been painting the rest of my First Company models, however I will be adding in a few more layers to make him look a bit more special.

First up was layering on Mephiston red on the cape and 'Eyes of Horus'

Then came the silver. This included a dry brush to highlight edges. 

Next up was the wolf on his back. I used 4 different greys to layer up. It was a heavy dry brush to start and then gradually lighter dry brushes with lighter greys. Lastly a Nuln oil wash to blend together. 

Then Baneblade brown on the leathery bits. 

Lastly I have manager to lay down the layers for the bronze. 

Washing the reds, bronze and brown is next on the list and then I will be layering the cape. I'm very happy with how he is coming along. Hopefully my next post will be of a finished Horus!

Happy hobbying!



  1. Bad ass.
    Can't wait to see him done.
    How many primarchs do all the bunnies together own as of now?

    1. Drake has:
      Mortarion - painted
      Perturabo - painted
      Curze - unpainted

      Kaelo has:
      Corax - painted (pictures coming soon)
      2 X Roboute Guilliman - unpainted
      4 X Horus (one painted as SoH)

      Aveinus has:
      Ferrus Manus - painted

      Darien has:

      Castiel has:

      Tyler has:

      Not sure about Atia or King Fluff.

    2. Holy crud. Why so many Kaelo?

    3. I also Fulgrim ready for my ECs!

    4. I have painted:

      - Mortarion
      - Angron
      - Lorgar

      - Corax
      - Perturabo
      - Vulkan


    5. So I guess other than those not released you Have them all? Wow. Amazing. Can't wait to see how you do the re pose for Roboute.

  2. Well done, he is looking good.

    I think I need to go back and re-do my Horus...

  3. He looks really cool so far :)

    Can't wait to see him finished :D