Thursday, 14 July 2016

Lady Atia: Dice, Base and Ravens

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today I have a mix of things to show - dice from Forgeworld, the start of my Scorpion base and a little teaser for the future.

Forgeworld Legion Dice

I got some of the new Forgeworld dice with my last order, and I'm really happy with them. The packaging is reclosable, and the designs are pretty cool. Each pack contains 16 dice, for £16.

The Legion icons are on the side of the 6 - yay =)

Are they worth the price? For me the answer is yes - it's like the final touch for your force. The downside is the more forces you have, the more different dice you may need - which can get expensive pretty quick. Also if you are planning on using 80 dice for one game - well, you better find other dice for that, and keep your Forgeworld Dice for special units/characters.

Oh - and there are also good news for fans of Legions who didn't got their dice sets yet - the next wave is on the way!

Brass Scorpion Base

I started to work on the Scorpion base this week - it's far from finished, the Dreadnought isn't glued on yet (as I will paint him first), and it needs a lot of Astro Granite and rubble aswell as grass once it's finished. Still, I'm quite happy so far!

From the darkness we strike ...

Last but not least, I want to talk abit about my next Legion army - which I'll start after most of my Word Bearers are finished. With Kaelo getting around on starting his Ultramarines, and finishing his last Raven Guard models, it's on me to do some Sons of Corax. 

I want to have two army lists for my Raven Guard - one based on veterans, the other using drop pods. My army will heavily feature the Mark VI power armour variant - as a little homage to Rogue Trader times. I'll do a propper planning post in the future once I figured out what units I want in the army - any suggestions/wishes are welcome!

That's all from me this week - thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my post :)

Will you get some Legion Dice? Would you like to get some for other FW armies too (Mechanicum, Solar Auxilia, ...)? Write us in the comments below!

Lady Atia