Saturday, 30 July 2016

Titan Owners Club has hit 100 Engines!

That's right. Titan Owners Club has got 100 members and is 1 year old. To celebrate it I made a cake!

Finished article :)

Started with two of these lovely sized pieces of chocolate cake layers (baked by Mummy Seta). 

I prepared a stencil on two parts of A4. 

I then cut the shapes to fit and secured them to each other with fudge fondant. 

I then rolled out two red and a few black sections from two shop pre-prepared icing layers. 

I then sprayed gold shimmer spray onto some white icing and cut into shapes for the Titan trim. 

After laying it on I decide to use a straw to core the trim to show the embellishments. 

I added blue smarties and white chocolate hundreds and thousands to create the rivets. 

Then as the Emperor says; "let them eat cake."

Drake Seta