Monday, 8 August 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Current and Future Project Overview

Hello everybody!

Last week we were asked by a reader to do an overview of our current and future projects. Personally, I really like the idea as it helps to motivate me. So here it goes:

Raven Guard

These guys are coming along well, I have finished 2500pts and am currently in the stage of knocking them on the head for a little while. So far I have posted the following units for them:
Raven Guard Contemptor
Melta Gun Tactical Support Squad
Tactical Squad 1
Tactical Squad 2
There are other images on the blog to check out so, if you haven't already, click on the Kaelo Rylanus or Pre-Heresy Raven Guard tags on the left hand side. I will be posting up the rest of the completed units while I do a quick Age of Sigmar project. I wont go into details of it on Battle Bunnies but feel free to check it my sporadic progress on I will return to complete another 500-1000pts of Raven Guard in the future. It remains to be seen where they fit in. 


Many of our long term readers are aware that the Ultramarines are my favourite legion and Roboute Guilliman is my favourite Primarch. After a failed attempt to do my dream project last year, I have now stocked up 6500pts that I will probably break up into a few chunks based around a campaign I am writing to introduce Kaelo Rylanus, how he got promoted from the Invictarii into a captain of the 99th Company and how the experience shaped his way of making war. I dont want to give too much away but it will be heavily story driven, it will be against Orks and the first chapter will be entirely based around Kill Team rules.

Ghost Warriors

I would like to revisit and finish my 6000-10,000pts of Ghost Warriors. They are a tremendously varied and tough army to play against. One of the other Bunnies may discuss an origin story of their avatar, involving these incredible warriors, during a future project overview.

Other Long-Term Projects

So, past the above mentioned projects I have loads more I want to do, not just for 30k but for Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl, The Silver Tower, Lord of the Rings and others. I will list my other future Great Crusade and Heresy projects here but won't go in to too much detail as I haven't clearly planned it and things are likely to change:
Thousand Sons
White Scars - really can't wait for this one!
Luna Wolves
Eldar Corsairs - If GW release new guardian models this will be a priority project I think!
Eldar Craftworld (my own scheme)
Custodes - group project
Sisters of Silence - group project
More Mechanicum - group project
More Solar Auxillia - group project
Snow board
Grass board
Some more city tiles
Legio Praesagius Warhound - waiting for transfers...
House Vornherr Knights - waiting for transfers.....
Return of Khall Sithis...

I am sure some other bits will crop up so stay tuned for an update around New Years!

Thanks for reading, I think this has helped because there is less than I thought there would be lol

Stay fluffy