Thursday, 11 August 2016

Legion specific objective markers in 30 seconds

Hi all. 

We all want Legion specific this and Legion specific that, anything that encourages us to drop more money at our favourite company called Forge World. 

But they have given us something great and free :) chances are you have picked them up at events you have attended or you have been sent them in orders you have made. 

That's right. Badges!

So in 30 seconds you can make a Legion specific objective marker. 

1: de-bag. 

2: locate the wire you want to remove on the back. 

3: Bend it out slightly and clip beneath the spiral point. 

4: grip the other end, twist and pull. 

5: the badge is totally flat now.

Option a) glue two together and put a suitable number on one side for hidden objective or vp values. 

Well that was easy wasn't it?

Drake Seta