Friday, 26 August 2016

Pre-Heresy Iron Hands: Contemptor Dreadnought

Hello everyone,

I'm back with a short post to show you my completed contemptor dreadnought! Its been a project that has taken a while to complete but that is mainly down to me working a lot recently and worrying about using purity seal!

So here he is, I haven't had a chance to think about a back story but I hope you like the model.

I have decided to go with a cleaner look than my previous contemptor which is in line with what my newer units now look like compared to the more battle damaged look I started off with.

I decided to go for fewer transfers on this model due to it already having a lot of iconography and I also went with a smaller version of the sorrgol transfer, which I think is also an improvement.

I have again had to use different lighting for the sides as the shoulders catch the light badly.

The main problem with my Iron Hands at the moment is applying the purity seal to the entire army. It could potentially ruin some of my models if I get it wrong so I have decided to take it slowly and do plenty of testing.

Before spraying I followed advice from Kaelo, Drake and other people who have used it before me and settled on:

- Leaving the model outside or wherever you spray for 15 minutes or so to let the model acclimatise to the correct temperature.
- Shake the can for 5 minutes, this is majorly important!
- I then placed it in a tub of warm water for a few minutes (without wetting the top of the can) I'm not sure if this helps a lot but i've been told it does.
- Then I shook the can for another five minutes, flipping it upside down and shaking it that way too.
- Finally I sprayed the model lightly from the recommended distance on all sides and from above.
- I did this in separate sprays where I sprayed the model in a passing motion.
- You could do another pass but it depends on the look you want and your confidence.

So pretty happy with how the purity seal went, I think I could have done a better if I was more confident, but its a good first try and I didn't ruin the model! :).

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane