Monday, 29 August 2016

Weekly Progress Report 29/08/2016

Hello all. Another week down. Let see what our Bunnies have been up to:

Darien has finished assembling the remain units for his SoH First Company and has picked up the paint brush again. He has started working on the Mastodon, the first layers of red are now done and he has done the bulk silvers in the interior of the tank. Work on getting the silvers done on the outside will hopefully be starting today. 

Atia finished her Tactical Squad (which shall be featured next week) and also started to work on her Gal Vorbak. She converted enough to have 10 and started to paint them already

Drake Seta has been working on two objective bits of terrain for an upcoming battle. He purchased the plasma generators from an eBay store. He will be doing them with a OSL Glowing plasma effect so hopefully you will see them complete soon. 

Kaelo, Aveinus, Tylar, King Fluff and Castiel have been busy so no progress to show from them. 

Here's to next week!!