Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Pre-Heresy Iron Hands: Cataphractii Terminators

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick post from me today to show you what I am currently working on!

The cataphractii squad below is from the battle of calth box set so I decided to build them just using mostly the options included on the standard sprues rather than buying some cataphractii special weapons. The plasma blaster is from a tataros weapon set that I will probably use on some Gorgon terminators in the future.

So I did listen to your feedback, on the community question posts a while back and I have decided to arm the squad based on what the majority of people recommended. Power fists, a lightning claw and a chainfist fist were included as a kind of good for most situations unit with some punch.

Now I am going to probably build another unit of these in the future to add combi-weapons but that can wait until the monies available. Another five Gorgons will also make an appearance and i'll again be arming them based on suggestions from the community question posts.

The one unique thing about this squad is that I am using the Iron Hands Cataphractii shoulder pads. As you can see below they are pretty cool and already look great on the models. Some of them didn't fit too smoothly but after playing around for a while they look great. I really like the cog motifs and this should really tie the unit into the rest of my army.

Cataphractii Terminator Shoulder Pads - Iron Hands

Hopefully by the time I post next I should have the leadbelcher applied.

So happy hobbying everybody and thanks again,

Aveinus Kaane


  1. On a similar note I was wondering what people's opinions on arming Cataphractii in general? I've got two Ultramarine 5 man squads (or maybe one 10 man?) to arm and unsure what to go with.

    1. I like going with a whole selection on weapons! Mix it up and go with whatever takes your fancy!

    2. I play a 10 man squad with slow but heavy hitting gear. 4 hammers, 4 combi melta, 2 power fists, 2 chain fists, 2 reapers and 2 power mauls. It hits hard but, if countered effectively, it can be bogged down.

    3. I only have a 5 man squad but use 4 combi plasma, reaper
      Autocannon, 2 chainfists, 3 power weapons just because points and my sergeant has a grenade harness. I usually stick them in a land raider.

    4. Cool, all good ideas, still not sure what to go with, thinking a good mix of cc and shooting. Would love to use the Ultramarine unique terminators but they're so incredibly points expensive to use effectively :P

    5. I've got the 5 man squad from B@C to build and wondering on load out!
      I've got 10 firedrakes so think some fire support might help!!

    6. Yeah I've got 10 from 2 boxes, doing mainly Salamanders with Firedrakes so thought I'd do a small Ultramarine force with the reminder that I don't need for Salamanders/Emperor's Children.

    7. I've been tormenting myself with the same question- I have two sets of five from two BAC boxes, and wanted to save one to make either Death Guard or Iron Hands along with the rumored earlier-mark Marines in the next boxed game. After worrying that the eventual Lernaean Terminators might be an upgrade kit like the Headhunters and that I'd need to save a set for them as well, I decided to throw caution to the wind, reasoned I could always pick up a set of legs on a bitz site, and decided to put them together.

      I'm definitely sticking with at least four combi-bolters to get the most out of Banestrike ammo; a plasma blaster would be nice but might be overkill in their anti-Marine role. Three lightning claws (again, for shredding Marines), maybe a power fist for challenges on the sergeant (and of course the obligatory Alpha Legion hidden shiv) and a chainfist for emergencies, and I think that'll do it.

    8. I've found they're one of these units I thought would be awesome but now I'm just struggling to find a place for them.

  2. Looking good! :D I really like the shoulder pads!

  3. I wish they'd release the rest of the legion pads for Cataphractii.