Sunday, 25 September 2016

Weekly Progress Report 25/09/2016

Another week in hobby land:

Atia managed to finish Zardu Layak, the Crimson Apostle. Next on the painting table are the first 5 Gal Vorbak. And there are whispers that the Plague Cult will arrive soon to support the Bearers of the Word on their attack on Calth ....

This week King Fluff has been getting some treefolk ready for Age of Sigmar games in October. He's also been play testing the Demiurg and making a start on the basic Demiurg and Exo-armoured models.

He's also been equipping done of his Imperial Fist 1st company.

Hector has continued working on his cargo containers and magnetised weapons this week. He is not expecting to be able to do much hobby work next week due to a very busy schedule fortifying Terra.

Drake Seta has had a few hours of progress this week. He has started to add rusted paintwork to his two Warhounds and has prepped them for red airbrushing. He is very conscious that he is incredibly busy over the next four weeks so his content may be low. 

Darien spent the week finishing off his 2 trukks for his local clubs 40k tournament today. Here's the army that he used with the completed trukks!

Aveinus, Castiel, Kaelo and Tylar have no progress this week due to life commitments. 

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