Sunday, 5 March 2017

Weekly Progress Report 05/03/2017

Hi all. 
Some good progress this week. Let's have a peak. 

Darien moved house last week and has had zero hobby time, however the end of the unpacking is nearly in sight! He has started to get his hobby corner sorted out and is hopeful that he will be able to started on the Emperor's Children in the next couple of weeks!

Atia used this week to finish a mighty Thousand Sons Contemptor-Mortis, which you can see posted already. Work on Ahriman has started too!

Hector has been a busy painting bunny again this week. He's finished painting the blue on all of his world eaters infantry and dreadnoughts and is making his way through the metallics and flesh tones. His command squad is most of the way done - the banner needs to be finished up.

I have started my next project! 3 Leviathans for the Rout!

What have you been up to? Post links to your work below if you like :)

Drake Seta


  1. I've not done any painting this week, but been planning future purchases. My Salamanders need transport so some rhinos are on the list as well as Spartan!!
    These additions plus Vulkan and Cassian Dracos should take me to around 4000 points!!
    I then intend to add a few Custodes units as the Imperator Occulus!!
    So that's my plan for the next few months at least!

  2. I have been planing for the inner circle event in May. Got bellisarius Cawl finished this week and am starting work on ten Skitarii Rangers. Lots of mechanicum for me for the foreseeable future. Until Guillaume arrives next weekend. Then it's back to the ultras.

  3. Looks to me like hector needs to do a post on the current state of his world eaters!

    I took a break from my warlords and worked on a small model... a Glaive.

    1. It does doesn't it ;)

      I'm hoping I'm going to get the bulk of the work on the infantry and dreadnoughts done this week and start working on my drop pods over the weekend!

      It's really bad though - I've already worked out what I am doing next with the World Eaters - more tacticals to give me 3 full 20 man ta squads and a unit of destroyers optionally with a moritat acting as a destroyer captain...

  4. Built three pallas speeders, a coronus carrier and a contemptor-galatus.

    Went home on my lunch break today to spray them, and it started raining. It's going to be interesting getting them done for Throne!

  5. Been giving my Typhon "Thunderchild" a repaint and a few extra touches to help it stand up to not only it's name but it's growing legend amongst my gaming group.

  6. Didn't do a whole lot this week since I just started a new job and spent most of the time in meetings and phone confrernces. Also, my order of book 7 and my custodes dreadnaught got delayed since Forgeworld is sild out and won't be getting any new books untill April aperently. I did get my Ixion Hale through Ebay though and almost finished him. A really gorgeous model. Also, I ordered the bases for my custodes force from Den of Imagination yesterday, hoping to get them by next week.