Monday, 27 March 2017

Zone Mortalis: Life Sustainers - Part 1

Hello all

A little while ago I acquired some Resin Mechanical Terrain pieces. I purchased them as objective pieces which I could use for our games. 
Currently amongst many other projects, I am trying to get a board together for a "Blood in the Void" Campaign set around the battle of Phall. 
To do this, depending upon the size of the ship you want to base it upon, you need between 3 and 7 Key objective pieces of terrain. I am planning on knocking all out in turn, and for now the first I decided to get done and out of the way was the Life Sustainers. 

So for the Life Sustainers Wrecking mission you need: D6+2 objective markers on the table. These markers represent gas conduits, pressure seals and rad-sinks. 
Personally I will count these two as Rad-sinks. 

I plan to add a series of Pipe work segments, tanks and some control panels to this to hopefully give the impression of a Terrain piece, which is used to allow the crew to survive on a Starship. 

And for scale alongside my Vlka Fenryka:

Well that's all for now. Part 2 coming soon. 

Drake Seta


  1. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

  2. Where did you get these from Drake? These are nice and industrial, whilst not completely blocking LOS

    1. Funny enough as an auction on eBay. Have no idea who they were designed by sadly. Sorry.

  3. Sweet stasis Pods. I too like the look of these.

  4. DO you feel the Zone board is worth the 450 pounds? I am close to buying one, but I cant get my self over the Pricetag.

    1. Hi Alex. I do recommend it as it forms one of the 3 main battlefield types in 40k (city Warfare, open plain battlefield, Ship boarding). I think you should get it, but do set some serious time aside and take a run up when you start painting it (maybe with some friends to help) as it is such a big project.