Thursday, 27 April 2017

Bloodvar Cup Team: Blightchester Gutter Cutters

Team: Blightchester Gutter Cutters 
Race: Skaven
Captain: "Chewy" No 1.
Coach: Lord Lemmiwinks (Skaven)
Colours: Red, Black, Bronze and White
Team logo: Forward facing Rat skull on red vertical stripe. 
Team Motto: "No Gutter too deep no pipe too high, the Bloodvar trophy will be mine"
Owner: Drake Seta

Starting team: 
No1 - Rat Ogre: "Chewy"
Chewy is the newest club member. He immediately decided that he should Captain the team and ate the previous Captain Skruth Talontail. Ever since then the team and the Coach give in to his every request, for fear of their lives. His tactics are yet to be tested, but if his hostility is anything to go by, it will be a bloody league. 

No2 - Sarin Darkslicer and No3 - Abscitt Gutripper. 
These two Gutter Runners have been training by baiting and teasing Chewy forcing themselves to avoid him at all times, so much so that they do not share any pipes or caves on away games, and only appearing just before kick off much to Chewy's fury. 

No4, No5, No6, No7, No8 and No9 - Linemen. 
No9 "the Feltched" was destined to be the next Captain at the time of his consumption. Unfortunately he is now a shadow of his former self after "the incident" which happened in a pre-league friendly against the Gottledamn Ogres, an incident that earns his moniker. . . 
No4 Nibblet Bloodclaw is one to look out for, with the Blood Bowl League already trying to poach him. 

No10 - Spike Bloodspitter and No11 - Quitch Pipeslicer
These two were chosen to be Blitzers, mainly on the fact they were former bodyguards of Lord Lemmiwinks, and they did so well at stopping "Chewy" from eating their Coach. They are really looking forward to causing some damage on the pitch. 

No12 - Ratbolt (to be hired)

Coaches pre-league comments:
Yess. I am thoroughly looking forward to this league . . . Our Captain. . . is a strong Captain with excellent tactics. . . I think he will take us far. . . (Shakes his head and sighs). 
Our Gutter Runners have been training like their lives depend on it (Whispers: which it does thanks to Chewy), and I expect great things from them. I was torn between hiring two more talented Gutter Runners which my scout has had an eye on or hiring "Chewy". But Chewy insisted he was the Rat for the job and even brought his own contract made in blood for me to sign (whispers: whilst he squeezed me until I signed him). 
The Gutter Cutters feel positive and hope to do well against most teams. We are not looking forward to the Dwarves though. Pesky little bastards. Oh I can't say bastards? Sorry. Pesky little arse holes. . . . what? Oh please we all have them. . . (Eyes un focus and whispers: some have even been up them. . .)


  1. I'd advise you to watch out the team with WikiLeaks as their coach

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    1. Cheers Vincent. Really appreciated. I went for a scheme to match the Legio Mortis Titan Legion lol.

  3. Mate, don't forget to post the Titan bowl picture