Saturday, 15 April 2017

Lady Atia's Squats - Clanwarriors and Airship

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Just a little overview post to show what I worked on in the last days - I painted day and night to finish the first five Clan Warriors and I also started the antigrav frigate. I'll write the fluff for these units once they are finished (still have to do five more clan warriors for the first unit!).

"We have always been a race of traders. It is natural to us that we should trade the fighting skills of our Brotherhoods. As well as bringing us a profit, it also allows our youngsters to gain experience and honour, and to keep alive the skills which our strongholds may one day need for their own defence. And we may find the one or the other lost homeworld during this Great Crusade!"

Squat Clanwarriors and Antigrav Frigate (WIP)

A size comparison with a Gal Vorbak, Word Bearer, Renegade Militia and a Bloodletter. Squats are roughly a head smaller than normal humans - but keep in mind they are wearing modified mining suits and sub-types of power armour sometimes!

The next 5 Squats will be another assault cannon and 4 more CC/pistol guys. I may give these chainaxes, not sure on that yet (I also need something to equip my close combat hearthguard with!!). I will also paint two rapiers and crews for them!

Some of you may have spotted them already on the last weekly progress report - these are antigrav mines on the base!

That's all from me now - you can see Aveinus Kaane's review for the new Kharadon Overlords here.

Lady Atia


  1. Very nice amazing how a bit of paint changes what era these guys are now part of. Poor fellas they don't know yet how it all ends for them.. munch munch munch

    1. Thanks buddy :)

      And yep .... poor guys. Someday I need to play "The Fall of the Storngholds" as 40k campaign :P

    2. Not all the Strongholds fell...

  2. what is your list going to look like for these guys?

    1. Not quite sure yet - I want to finish 2 units of clan warriors, 2 rapiers, an HQ unit aswell as the frigate first.

  3. These look really good. Such a nice release and glad you are doing this project.

  4. I really like the scheme! Will your Dquat list also fit right into GH AOS match, narrative and open play?