Friday, 20 October 2017

Primarchs: Jaghatai Khan - cover art

Hi all 

The Primarchs series is going strong (with Perturabo thus far being the stand out book in my opinion), with Lorgar having been released a week ago, Fulgrim coming shortly to fancy book cover, and Ferrus Manus coming shortly after, it is good to see that the ball is continuing to roll in this series with no sign of stopping soon. 

Here is the cover of Jaghatai Khan. Amazon list it"s release as the 10th of July 2018. So we have a fair way to go :)

Drake Seta


  1. Bodes well for the model, he looks baddass! Perhaps a mid year model release also?

  2. Highly unlikely im afraid, since the next hh black book will be Angelus (BA & DA), potentially by end of 2018 release. Recent FW info is two primarchs will be released in 2018, neither will be Alpharius. And since Simon Egan is just finishing the Dorn sculpt, due to length of time to mold and cast enough, next primarch (Dorn) should be first half 2018, then will either be Sanguinius/Lion to coincide with Angelus book release at end of 2018.At the very earliest I expect WE won't see Khan (no hh black book released with white scars yet) nor Alpharius until end 2019 or start 2020 :(

    1. Unless the Alpharius statement was misinformation...

  3. So.... no backpack for him, eh?

  4. Glad it's Chris writing it. Suddenly it becomes clear when I mentioned that it must have been fun getting to write two Primarchs when he was signing my copy of Leman Russ (Russ and the Lion) why his answer seemed almost mischievous.

  5. Jaghatai was a head taller than Russ (Path of Heaven) but this one looks no much taller than the Space Marine...curious. Any way, good to see his details so clear at last, in Scars is confused and in Primarchs you can only see half of his body

  6. Chogorans in general are tall and thin. If his sons have the same trait, many of them could well be as tall as the shorter primarchs.