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Hello and Happy New Year to all of our readers today! Thanks for following us through 2017, which sadly was a bit of a slow year for the Battle Bunnies as a gaming group. We did have some highs over the past 12 months, such as our Blood Bowl league, 8th edition sampling and reviewing, as well as winning the Horus Heresy Quiz at the Horus Heresy Weekender. The lowest part of 2017 was the untimely passing of Alan Bligh, and his absence was felt through the community as well as at all events. 
Some big projects we have been working on has also made it feel like a quiet year, from Zone Mortalis Boards to Titans, this really does slow down our content unfortunately. 

We are all excited for 2018 and the gaming opportunities we have planned. 

Kaelo's preview for 2018: These are the projects Kaelo plans to work on and complete for the first 3 month of 2018. 

Goliath Gang
1000Pts Ultramarine Primaris
44 Sector Mechanicus Stanchions 
1.5m x 1.0m Fantasy Campaign map

Orlock Gang
1000pts Ultramarine Primaris
Grass board and scatter terrain

Orlock Gang
1000pts Ultramarine Primaris
Take stock on Q2 projects depending on mood of the group.

He is also excited about the Malign Portents video and is hoping it will bring some nice new models to tempt him with so don't be surprised to see his projects change.

Aveinus's preview for 2018: These are the projects Aveinus plans to work on over the course of the first three months of 2018 and a vague overview of what lies beyond that. 

10 Gretchin 
5 Dispossessed Hammerers
4 Ork nobz 

10 Stormboyz 
5 Dispossessed Longbeards

5 Dispossessed Longbeards
5 Dispossessed Quarellers 
10 Stormboyz 

That's a rough overview of what Aveinus plans to complete. Hopefully he'll be able to add more to the list but it's a realistic estimate of what can be completed. 

There is also the new releases for AoS and the Malign Portents that could tempt him into other small projects but the main objectives are to complete his Ork and Dispossessed armies in 2018.

Darien’s plans for 2018. 

Finish 6x4 Zone Mortalis board. 

Paint up my Emperors Children. 

Paint Smaug. 

Paint Thorin’s Company, gundabad and Thranduil Hall’s armies. 

Paint some more Harlequin’s. 

Lots of stuff I really want to get done, my painting has slumped towards the end of 2017. I need to get back to it and catch up on projects!

Atia's preview for 2018:

- Finishing a 4'x4' Zone Mortalis board 

- All about Necromunda. Gangs, Bounty Hunters, Hive Scum! First two will be an Escher Gang and an insidious Genestealer Cult ...

- Adding more stuff to my Death Guard and Nurgle Daemons!

- Painting 1000 points of Harlequins.

- Maybe some Slaaneshi stuff at the end of 2018. 

Hector's plans for 2018:

1) Mechanicum project (and get used to my new airbrush)
2) Continue and finish realm of battle scenery project

Beyond that it's a case of what takes my fancy, I have a lot of mini projects I can work on such as:

1) Converted Chaos Dwarfs BB team
2) Goblins BB team
3) Necromunda gang (TBD)
4) Rogal Dorn (will shoot to the top unsurprisingly whenever he drops)

Castiel's plans for 2018

After a hectic 2017 leaving me very little hobby time I hope 2018 will be a lot more productive. 

I intend to

Complete 1000 pts at least of Alpha Legion

After that it depends on when new releases arrive.

Hopefully some new 1st legion units with angelus.

I am also awaiting the release of house Cawdor for necromunda.

And if I get the time I may even sneak in a blood bowl team.

Drake's preview for 2018: These are my plans for the first 3 month of 2018. I am excited to get back to 30k with a dedicated place to play my wargaming. It’s going to be a busy 3 months!

Escher Gang
Finish Sector Mechanicus Scenery 
Finish 6x4 Zone Mortalis 
Play Necromunda Campaign through

Start work on garage conversion. 
Start/Finish Custodes vehicles and units
Necromunda Campaign map

Finish Garage conversion
Begin playing Burning of Prospero Campaign 
Begin Necromunda Gang War Campaign 
Start/Finish 750 PST of Vlka Fenryka 

Spectre's plans for 2018

2018 looks to be another busy year for me outside of the hobby.

I do however aim to

Complete my Goliath Gang for Necromunda.

After that it depends on what new releases appear.

I am hoping to see Battlefleet Heresy and/or Adeptus Titanicus.

We also hope that 2018 sees Spectre, Ahmose Setu and Ikthelion Orthos get some extra time to return to the hobby to bring us back to full strength. 

Battle Bunnies

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