Sunday, 28 January 2018

Weekly Progress Report 28/01/2018

Hi all. 

Another quiet week from the Bunnies. Let's see what we have been up to. 

Atia has been busy finishing the second Zone Mortalis tile. Babysteps are the way to go - slowly the table is growing :)

Drake Seta has been working on getting Graffiti designs for his Necromunda terrain. Have a look. 

Unfortunately still no progress from Hector this week. The room rearrangement has taken much longer than anticipated but he should be in position now to start doing a bit more hobby again this week in the run up to the Weekender!

Kaelo has made progress on his Necromunda gang and also loads of Sector Mechanicus terrain. Unfortunately there are no photos as his house is being viewed this week and he has packed away all his hobby.

Battle Bunnies

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  1. I finished off a dual kheres assault cannon contemptor and started on a unit of 5 cataphractii Terminators for my Salamanders as well as building a unit of 5 for some Iron Warriors, I just need some cyclone missile launchers to make them seige tyrants!!