Monday, 5 February 2018

Bronze Daemon Award for Mulieres Mortis

Hi all

I’m very proud to have won a Bronze Daemon for my Necromunda Escher Gang, Mulieres Mortis. I have been quite quiet over the last few weeks as I worked on the display. 

There they are. The whole gang. 

My Battle Bunny piece of art (and our mascot) made it onto the walls

The graffiti is all names of either gang members, gang names or names of the Battle Bunnies contributors. 
All were created on an online graffiti generator and printed out on clear transfers. 

There are House tags which have been covered over by another gang logo as territory changes sides. 

The flooring was done in much the same way too. I even did graffiti on the other side of the wall (not seen by the display). 

I am very happy to have this award (even though there were not many entrants). I do hope for a silver and gold one day, but that is way off. 

Drake Seta