Sunday, 8 April 2018

Weekly Progress Report 08/04/2018

Hi all

Sorry for the lack in posting this week. Unfortunately one of our contributors is in hospital so we have been quite distracted. We wish Kaelo a speedy recovery. 

Aveinus has almost finished assembling his battlewagon. It’s definitely a time consuming kit to assemble with so many components to the kit!

Hector has generally busy this week and hasn't got as much hobby stuff done as he was hoping to. He has received a delivery of 5 Triaros for his Mechanicum army so he's currently checking the contents and dry fitting everything to ensure they all together nicely later down the line.

Atia used this week to build some Necromunda models - an Escher Gang and some Bounty Hunters to be precise!

I have found some time to work on some large scale terrain pieces for a Titan Owners Club walk. I will be working on terrain for the next 3 months too I think. Any suggestions for big terrain would be appreciated. 

Battle Bunnies