Saturday, 14 July 2018

House Malinax Knights progress 14/07/2018

Hi all. 

So after my false start I have finally got the armour plates all done. I have done it as per the original instructions that our reader Commussar Ibram Gaunt shared, and I am happier with the results. The reason why the lighter less colourful stage came before the more colourful step is that it was a pre-shading layer. I tested this by trying to miss Step 2 Completely and go to step 3 straight from step 1, but as you can see in the image below (on the right half of the Carapace) the effect is completely different from the Carapace on the right which I did steps 1-3 in order on). 

The colour actually looks a lot more like this in reality:

Colour scheme: 
Undercoat choas black

- Basecoat leadbelcher
- wash 50:50 nuln oil and seraphim sepa

Armour plates:
- base tamiya flat earth
- layer wood deck tan
- layer 50:50 wood deck tan and desert yellow
- highlight previous layer with a little white scar

Armour trim:
- base 50:50 leadbelcher amd adeptus battle grey
- wash nuln oil
- drybrush edges leadbelcher
- stipple edges randomly with typhus corrosion 

Entire model
- wash 50:50 of nuln oil and seraphim sepia
- thin ryza rust using lahiam medium and flow into creases, joints and recesses as desired

So here is where I am up to with two Knights. 

Coming on slowly but surely.